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A brief description of Matchfire's capabilities

Brand Design

At Matchfire we specialize in crafting custom brands and activations that capture emotions to generate awareness and drive results for our partners.

We combine data analysis, creative vision, traditional design, and hands-on experience to help you build your brand. We believe today’s most beloved brands are fueled by a focus on results, a smart story, and most importantly, a sense of community.

A brief description of Matchfire's capabilities

Data Intelligence

Our data scientists are developing tools that mine transactional, behavioral, demographic, and sentiment data for both analytics and attribution. Helping you understand the people behind the conversation.

We have partnered with People Pattern to combine supervised machine learning with industry-leading marketing savvy to develop a deeper understanding of your audience. This intelligence is used to enhance your existing strategies and develop new ones that exceed goals – driving more with less.

A brief description of Matchfire's capabilities

Social Purpose

What makes Matchfire unique is our history creating social purpose programming that has inspired generations to connect to something bigger than themselves.

Our roots in charity work, cause marketing, and sustainability enable us to counsel brands and non-profits of all sizes on how to create platforms and campaigns that win share of mind, heart, and wallet.

A brief description of Matchfire's capabilities

Digital Marketing

Our debut as a digital agency began with eBay auctions and Myspace nearly 18 years ago. We’ve seen and experienced the evolution of digital marketing.

Today more than ever it’s imperative to build a site experience that both informs and delights. And make it sharable with the right channels, and right message, to the right people at the right time. Beyond a destination, managing the reach, frequency and rollout of content across advertising, social media, search and email, becomes critical for optimizing any marketing program’s success.

Talkers Doers
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We combine data analysis and creative expertise to deliver the best solution. As promised. Every time.

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You deserve an agency partner that brings their own experience and opinions to the table. The Matchfire team will work alongside you and always tell you what we’re thinking. Plus we’ll always do what we say we’ll do.

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