Thinkers, Doers & Builders, Oh My


“I just airdropped someone a picture of a lip.”

“Yep, I went to the bathroom 14 times yesterday.”

“I will say, when I went to see the pyramids in Giza, I put a rock down my pants.”

“My sister used to eat wood.”

“Did I sound like a drag queen?”

“I’m not good with emotions.”

“Your turtle is wild!”

“I'm very good with colors. It's a pretty useless skill.”

“Hey look at us, we’re like Miami Vice right now!”

“I slid into your sister's DMs.”

“I’m offended by arugula.”

“I wanted to be Cinderella, but I'm not blonde...or white...”

“ just bought $35 worth of beef sticks, you GETTIN’ a bag for free.”

“I’m trending right now.”

“Why is there an emoji of a baguette with a hat on it? Like, why does that exist??”

“ JSON... Derulo!”

“Let's get facebook on the call.”

“You look so nice. I look like a potato.”

“It’s not cool to brag about being cool.”

“I am pretty good at words. I mean, I am pretty well.”

“Adobe stock is not a safe place.”

“I need my unitard before I can get started.”

“I don’t trust people who like miracle whip.”

“You’re funny, but you’re not very helpful.”

“I used to date a magician.”

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