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Equipping Teens with Happiness Skills

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LG Electronics USA, a leading global electronics and home appliance manufacturer, wanted to focus its varied cause marketing and corporate social responsibility efforts. LG has long been a participant in the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as having strong philanthropic ties. However, the efforts had not been focused around a solidified company mission, until now.

The Ask

LG wanted consumers to know what LG stood for as a brand and showcase specifically what the phrase “Life’s Good” meant to the company. The LG team believed a more focused philanthropic approach could help bring definition to the brand’s personality in the public eye.

The Solution

In 2017, Matchfire researched, outlined, designs, and launched the social impact and cause marketing initiative that focuses on happiness. The platform, called Experience Happiness, seeks to equip youth with the necessary skills to create sustainable happiness in their lives, in credit to science and research backed nonprofit partners. We initially conducted an extensive data intelligence phase and developed the strategic framework for the purpose platform including nonprofit partners, brand positioning, and consumer touchpoint opportunities. Once LG finalized the mission, we developed the Experience Happiness brand, look and feel, messaging, secondary logo family, and website. 

From there, Matchfire developed a go-to-market strategy, identifying opportunities for promotion through LG’s social media and email channels, retail partners, and internally with LG employees. After the Experience Happiness program was underway and making an impact in schools, a consumer-facing celebration was needed.

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To celebrate reaching over 1.8 million students in the first year of the program, Matchfire held a celebration on International Happiness Day, at the top of One World Observatory in New York City, in partnership with Daybreaker, celebrity influencers, and students from local Experience Happiness schools. Experience Happiness is now in year four of the program and is on track to meet their 5-year goal of reaching 5.5 million students across the United States. 

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Impact and Awards

Now on the fourth year of the program, Experience Happiness has touched the lives of over 4.5 million youth across the country.

LG’s platform has also churned out increases in brand perception, across the board including a 16% increase in positive consumers perception and a 22% increase in consumers who feel LG is making a positive social impact on the world.

The NAB Leadership Foundation honored LG with the 2019 Corporate Leadership award for the Life’s Good: Experience Happiness platform. This award recognizes an extraordinary focus on community service and corporate social responsibility. LG’s ongoing mission is to deliver sustainable happiness skills to over 5 million youth.

LG and Matchfire have also been awarded 2019’s Social Shorty Award for their International Day of Happiness event in partnership with Daybreaker. The Shorty Social Good Awards is an international awards program that honors the impactful work organizations are doing to make the world a better place. To learn more about the campaign, check out our blog post.

Matchfire has also been awarded an AVA Digital Award for Creative Website Design of the Experience Happiness website.

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