French Hospital Medical Center Foundation

Reimagining Healthcare on the Central Coast

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French Hospital Medical Center Foundation is committed to supporting the charitable and community health care mission of French Hospital Medical Center through fundraising. The Foundation will support French Hospital Medical Center as they will redefine health care in San Luis Obispo County with an incredible transformation of their hospital campus.

The Ask

Expand and enhance initial proof of concept, “Your New French Hospital,” into a fully integrated capital campaign platform known as Beyond Health.

The Solution

We launched a campaign platform to mobilize existing supporters and attract new donors, to support overall fundraising goals for the new French Hospital campus.

This multi-channel campaign includes a digital fundraising component, awareness and engagement campaign, and marketing strategy inclusive of campaign value proposition, strategic direction, visual identity, website development, and ongoing support of the campaign’s execution.













The Awards

Matchfire is honored to have been awarded multiple awards for this campaign and design work.