LG | Get Started

Bringing the Brand to Life

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Looking to expand its Life’s Good philosophy to new target audiences, LG Electronics was searching for more definition to its iconic and legacy brand.

The Ask

Following a successful launch of the LG Experience Happiness cause marketing platform, Matchfire was tapped to help LG breakout of its product-based approach to their brand and create a platform which would engage the various segments of their existing brand advocates while creating new ones.

The Solution

Leveraging research and consumer insights, Matchfire developed a sub brand that would talk specifically to moments of inspiration and starting points that are the catalyst for motion towards one’s goals.

Appropriately named, Get Started denotes purpose, potential, possibility and is a powerful driver for everyone’s own happiness.

Culminated as a series of campaigns centered around key life moments, the Get Started platform was launched in tandem with LG’s Experience Happiness cause marketing celebration of reaching 1.8 million students across the U.S.

Charging through the strategy, Matchfire has also developed campaigns that resonate with existing and new audiences through partnerships with ColorRun and Soulpancake.


LG’s Get Started platform has driven increases in brand perception across the board including a 16% increase in positive consumers perception and a 22% increase in consumers who feel LG is making a positive social impact.