Solve For Food

Better Food For Everyone, Everywhere.

Solve For Food is revolutionary food company focused on processing and packaging better food for everyone, everywhere. Using advanced food preparation and preservation technology, Solve For Food is able to produce packaged food with extended shelf-life that retains natural flavors as well as nearly 100% of its nutritional value.

a mock up of the solve for food website on a macbook pro

The Ask

Help us launch our brand, from identity to messaging, and develop campaigns to attract investors and prospective clients.

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The Solution

We designed the brand look and feel, tagline, and master messaging. We articulated this visually with a modern, clean, responsive website and brand video. A comprehensive PR and thought-leadership strategy was created to bring Solve For Food to the forefront of a stagnant industry — and targeted digital media campaigns along with ongoing content development helped to secure new investment, partnership, and client discussions.

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perspective tile of the solve for food website