Rediscovering the soul of a company and its brands

MTV Entertainment Group was on a path to rediscover its soul after a period of much change, many integrations, and a high turnaround of staff. The company had successfully moved into new market segments, expanding its commercial activities and strengthening its brand portfolio, but the soul and the leadership base of the company were being questioned as people were seeking to find a sense of identity with the new emerging organization.

The Ask

To prepare for the next move in its journey of growth, Innate Motion helped the ‘parent’ organization MTV Group to rediscover its soul, and developed a strategic architecture for 4 of the ‘children’ branded businesses:
MTV, VH1, Spike, and Comedy Central.

The Solution

At the end of the journey, we successfully captured the essence of the overarching company and how it tethered to the individual branded units, each with their own distinct positioning and personalities but consistent with the overall identity of the Group.