Elevating Inclusion in the Workplace

Kanarys is the first and only platform that fosters collaboration on diversity, equity and inclusion between employers and employees.

The Ask

Matchfire planned, built and launched a pilot program to drive user registrations on the platform in DFW, which would be scalable and repeatable. The goal was to create positive public awareness and encourage sign-ups by driving individuals to the website.

kanarys landing page on a mac computer

The Solution

We were challenged to build out a landing page that allows for new users to easily get signed up and join the platform. In addition, we piloted the platform’s DFW launch by creating targeted Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns which would have an emotional resonance with our target audience in order to drive user acquisition. Through our targeted campaigns we exceeded awareness and engagement forecasts and successfully provided a launch foundation to build upon.

kanarys social post on a grid of smart phones

The Award

The Matchfire team’s work on the Kanarys Social Ad Campaign earned the MarCom Digital Media – Social Media – Social Ad Campaign Gold Award. The MarCom Awards honors excellence in marketing and communication, recognizing the creativity and hard work of industry professionals. Our work consisted of creating a digital content strategy and targeted digital campaign.

a quote about kanarys on top of multicolored shapes
a kanarys social post on an iphone
part of a kanarys social campaign shown on an iphone
woman on multicolored shapes with the word transparent
man on multicolored circles with the word courageous
a woman in a hijab with the word empowering
kanarys website on a tablet
the words diversity, equality, and inclusion repeated in primary colors