Positioning a consultancy that is radically different

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Nativa is B-Corp consultancy that helps companies shift from extractive to regenerative business models. After more than ten years in the market doing outstanding work and enabling clients to create positive impact, they felt the necessity to crystallize their positioning, value proposition, and identity narrative to communicate better to the world. 

The Ask

We applied our Brand Value Dive which is an empathy-driven, immersive and co-creative journey that brings different stakeholders together. A value proposition and core positioning transcend a brand’s simple commodity to the most heard voice  when it deeply resonates with people. The most impactful brands align with culturally driven sentiments. For Nativa, we decoded the ideological shifts happening in the business world and the cultural tensions that C-Suite leaders (their clients) were facing to ensure we craft a narrative that resolves those tensions and allows Nativa to engage them in a unique and compelling way.

The Solution

As a result, Nativa re-energized their internal team and found a common language to talk to their external stakeholders. Our work resulted in a manifesto video and the re-design of their website that expresses in an authentic, bold and differentiated manner who they are, what they stand for and what they do. Since the implementation, Nativa recruited Gen Z talent, retained Millennial talent, and doubled the size of their business.