Why it’s important to create as a designer

The more you create, the better you get. At Matchfire, we are advocates of this philosophy. With so much technology and innovation emerging in the industry each day, new design possibilities are a constant opportunity.

Because of this, it’s vital to keep our pencils sharp, but our design skills even sharper. We’re constantly encouraged to never stop learning: always experiment and push the boundaries. And sometimes, take on a design challenge or two. This is where 36 Days of Type comes in.

#36DaysofType is an Instagram challenge started by designers Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoechea, from Barcelona. The challenge asks for one letter or number a day (in chronological and numerical order) for 36 days straight.

What makes this team challenge and other projects, client or not, enjoyable isn’t just the opportunity to create. It’s the chance to work with a team that collaborates and encourages forward thinking design. Rather than competing against each other, the Matchfire Design team worked collaboratively on the challenge. It wasn’t about who came up with the “best” design, or who would be labeled as the “most creative.”

It was about showcasing the skills each team member already has, building upon them, and taking design risks along the way. With a motivating team by your side, no cutting edge design is ever out of reach.

The entire Matchfire Design team had so much fun seeing what each of us came up with. Check out our designs!

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