Make your own social media luck

They say wearing green today protects you from those pesky pinching leprechauns. If you’re not one for traditions or decking yourself out in green, you can always create your own luck, on social media that is. Good things don’t just happen for you on your channels – you have to conquer the frontier with strategy and style.  Stop relying on four leaf clovers and start taking control of your social media fate.

Lucky for you, success on social media is easier than your grandma’s corned beef and cabbage recipe. We’re here to set the record straight: by cultivating your brand’s niche and crafting a strategy that’s as sweet as a pot o’ gold, your social efforts will call for a celebration as lively as a St. Patrick’s Day parade. (Promise we’re done with the cheesy puns now.)

Building a social strategy may seem like a cumbersome ordeal, but you’ll be able to “get there quicker” with a solid foundation, with data as your secret weapon. We’ve pieced some eye-opening facts together to get you started on making your own luck, starting now.

Ready to conquer the social media world? You’re armed and ready with the facts to develop an award winning social strategy. Now, grab a pint and get to working. Your competition will soon be green with envy.


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