15 Podcasts to Reignite Your Cause


Every nonprofit can use that extra spark to fuel their work. With these podcasts, there’s no shortage of stories and tools that can revolutionize the way your nonprofit business markets itself towards all audiences (from beneficiaries to donors and volunteers).

  1. Fundraising is Beautiful

    In this podcast series, fundraising dynamic duo Jeff Brooks and Steven Screen explore one of the biggest lessons a nonprofit must know in order to get donations. It’s not about you, it’s about your donor!

    Tune in: every other Wednesday

  2. Nonprofits are Messy: Lessons in Leadership

    Joan Garry reminds us of a scary truth in this series: There is no clean cut way to run a good nonprofit. Joan Garry not only explores out-of-the-box ways to improve your nonprofit, but also addresses some messier topics like confessions from a terrible board member and keeping people united in trying times.

    Tune in: every other Sunday

  3. The Nonprofit Ally

    Everyone needs a cheerleader and supporter and this podcast does just that for nonprofit organizations. Steve Vick, the executive director of a nonprofit that teaches people with disabilities how to run a sled dog team, dives into the fundamentals that make nonprofits extraordinary.

    Tune in: bi-monthly

  4. Business of Giving

    This program is for those that are looking to expand their nonprofit in a global way as Denver Frederick talks with many world changemakers tackling problems like global poverty, affordable housing and more. It reminds you to look at your nonprofit from a larger perspective.

    Tune in: Sunday nights 6-7 p.m. ET

  5. Nonprofit Leadership

    This program doesn’t beat around the bush. It’s about leading nonprofits and it features many inspiring role models. From the rise of an Olympic swimmer to a man from the Bronx creating one of the largest winter-focused nonprofits, the only way to go with these stories is up.

    Tune in: weekly

  6. The Growth Show

    Whether you want to grow your nonprofit or just want to grow yourself, this program is packed full of life lessons necessary for improvement. Yes, the world is changing but we will always have to overcome general obstacles like rejection, tough decisions and failure.

    Tune in: every Tuesday

  7. The Classy Podcast

    Stories of people that stand for something. This series showcases today’s leaders in the social sector. Classy puts a new spin on nonprofit efforts in Season 2 by highlighting the millennial generation of social change leaders.

    Tune in: every Tuesday

  8. Futures in Fundraising

    This podcast gets ahead of trends by featuring nonprofit leaders and their critical analysis of what emerging fundraising will be. New trends and obstacles are uncovered throughout this series and as Stephen Covey said, “Your best work is always ahead of you, never behind you.”

    Tune in: monthly

  9. Raise & Engage

    The name itself sums up two goals of almost all nonprofits: raise and engage. This program hits all of the hot button topics nonprofits always face: how to keep donors, how to engage the right audience and even how social advocacy is affecting your business.

    Tune in: monthly

  10. Social Media Examiner

    Even if you grew up with the internet, it never ceases to beg the question “huh?” Social Media Examiner helps cut through the all of the confusion and loos at the best online practices for marketing.

    Tune in: every Friday at 10 a.m.

  11. Technology in Human Services

    Finally, here is a podcasts that goes into detail about how technology – specifically social media – can benefit service work. Marco Campana, a communications specialist for social service organizations, explores how technology and social service need to be together through a series of interviews with both tech and nonprofit experts.

    Tune in: monthly

  12. Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

    For the past six years, Martignetti has made it his mission as a radio host to help consult nonprofits through board relations, fundraising, volunteer management, legal issues and other struggles nonprofits must face.

    Tune in: every Friday

  13. Successful Nonprofit Radio

    If the name didn’t say it for you maybe the Goldenburg Group, LLC. will. The Oldenburg Group is all about building strong nonprofits from the inside out. In this series, they explore leadership models in the nonprofit sector that can be applied to your team members and fellow supporters.

    Tune in: every Monday

  14. Cause Talk Radio

    If you need a place for marketing tips, you’ve found it. Cause Talk specifically looks at all things cause marketing, including Red Cross’ “Saving Zombies” campaign aimed at millennials. Look at several campaigns (good and bad) with cause marketing specialist Megan Strand and Joe Walters.

    Tune in: every Tuesday

Next time you’re lacking time – or ideas – check out any of these podcasts to rejuvenate your nonprofit’s marketing campaign. From restructuring your message to be focused on the donors to collaborating with other nonprofits, there’s a plethora of ideas to draw inspiration from.

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