Toddi Craft Cocktails

For women with a little sass and a lot of heart

Matchfire blue dot background decoration

For women who want to share authentic life experiences, we bring you Toddi Craft Cocktails. Made with pure and simple ingredients including certified craft distilled spirits and a pop of flavor. All in a bottle as unique as our name.

The Ask

A budding startup based in Granbury, TX, asked us to partner in the creation of its burgeoning distillery company, with the mission to create high-quality seltzer products, dedicated to using the purest spirits and freshest, locally sourced ingredients. The founders were adamant about distilling their own vodka, ensuring the highest quality product.

Matchfire was tasked with creating a complete brand identity, including a spectrum of packaging designs for each of the recipes planned for launch.

The Solution

Position the distillery as a unique player in the seltzer space by focusing on the unique backgrounds of the women behind the brand, their dedication to hands-own craftsmanship, and personal investment in developing classic recipes with no frills. To do this, we created a style we call “gutsy grace,” that feeds into everything from brand story to packaging design.