Warren Buffet Power Lunch Auction Powered by Matchfire Auctions

Since 2001, Matchfire has been helping their nonprofit partners raise money for the causes they care about most. Matchfire strives to do work that brings a greater purpose and impact on the world, driving business and social good simultaneously. Through our auctions team, Matchfire supports its customers by creating and managing high-profile, online charity campaigns for eBay for Charity—a platform where sellers, buyers, corporations, and celebrities come together to raise money for charity organizations across the globe.

For over 15 years, we have had the opportunity to manage one of eBay for Charity’s biggest auctions: The Power Lunch with Warren Buffett. As Auction Manager for this high-profile cause, GLIDE and eBay depend on us to ensure that all bidders are prequalified and aided in the bidding process.

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Power Lunch with Warren Buffett benefitting the GLIDE Foundation. The winning bidder and seven friends were given the opportunity to have lunch in New York City with this business magnate. Throughout this auction’s history, the bids have passed the $3 million dollar mark, making it the highest-priced charity item ever sold on eBay! However, this year the record was broken with a $4.56 million dollar bid by tech entrepreneur, Justin Sun.

Since Justin’s business headquarters are located in San Francisco, he stated that bidding on this charity auction was a key priority for his team. “I’m proud to have my bid donated to GLIDE—a foundation that provides critical support for our local homeless community,” said Sun.

To date, this auction has provided nearly $30 million dollars to support GLIDE’s comprehensive suite of social services. GLIDE helps San Francisco’s most vulnerable residents overcome hunger and poverty while seeking to create a radically inclusive community mobilized to alleviate suffering. GLIDE’s partnership with Warren Buffett is 20 years strong and has continued to reach record-breaking numbers with the help of Matchfire and eBay for Charity.

GLIDE’s CEO, Karen Hanrahan, is thrilled with the auction’s outreach to help those less fortunate. “The funds raised through this auction go directly to support GLIDE’s programs and services. As GLIDE builds upon our legacy and works to further our reach and deepen our impact, the partnership of Mr. Buffett and our winning bidders’ generosity translates into more people with the services, support, and community they need to move from crisis to stability to resilience,” Hanrahan stated.

Matchfire is thrilled to play an integral role in this extraordinary annual auction benefitting a cause dear to the hearts of so many.

To learn more visit https://www.glide.org/

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