Our very own Musk Ox

Hashtag the Matchfire Musk Ox

Matchfire encourages and empowers its team to support causes they care about, and that’s how we landed on a musk ox as our mascot.

Meet Hashtag.

Hashtag found his way to us through social media, after the Musk Ox Farm implemented Matchfire’s nonprofit fundraising app on their Facebook page.

Matchfire’s own Sally Trigg-Clayton was intrigued by the Farm and its mission: the domestication of the once near-extinct musk ox and the promotion of qiviut production as a sustainable agricultural practice, with a focus on public education and providing income opportunities to Alaska Natives.

During the Farm’s fundraising drive, Matchfire adopted a baby musk ox and named him Hashtag. We’re sure the musk ox’s qiviut—softer than cashmere and eight times warmer than wool—sealed the deal on our adoption. Sally had the opportunity to visit Hashtag in 2011 when she traveled to Palmer, Alaska to participate in the Farm’s annual Running of the Bulls.

Who wouldn’t want to adopt a prehistoric animal that once roamed the earth alongside saber-toothed tigers and woolly mammoths? Hashtag is spoken for, but we hear he has some cousins. Adopt your own musk ox here!

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