Malaria Sucks

A successful campaign to put something fun in something terrible.

Decorative Orange Matchfire Logo

Malaria No More envisions a world where no one dies from a mosquito bite. The organization mobilizes the political commitment, funding, and innovation required to achieve what would be one of the greatest humanitarian accomplishments – ending malaria within our generation.

Malaria Sucks Website Mockup

The Ask

The goal was to help raise awareness and donations through the Malaria Sucks campaign and create a website that induces action.

Malaria Website
Malaria Sucks Ads

The Solution

Launching on World Malaria Day, the Malaria No More Malaria Sucks campaign helped raise awareness for the cause through the use of a digital and physical object – an orange lollipop (‘Sucks’ – see what they did there?!) Much like Livestrong yellow bracelet, the lollipop took on a life of its own among supporters and celebrities alike. The website featured some nice imagery, video, and slight parallax effects as well as what is known as the “Suck Generator,” a cheeky app that allowed for photo uploads with orange lollipops.