eBay for Charity

Customizing the digital brand experience.

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It’s not a well-known fact eBay has a charitable arm that makes it easy for eBay users to donate to their favorite charities. eBay’s buyers and sellers have raised over $1 billion for charities worldwide. With 182 million active buyers worldwide, eBay’s passionate and active community can help charities grow and expand their fundraising goals.

The Ask

eBay for Charity came to Matchfire with the task of creating a website with a modern brand aesthetic and engaging, intuitive interface where charities can go to not only learn about the different elements of the platform, but also utilize various tools and guides to leverage their donors.

ipad displaying multiple screens of ebay for charity website

The Solution

Matchfire worked closely with the eBay for Charity team to come up with a fresh look for the site, including an updated color palette, vibrant imagery, and a user-friendly flow focused on a three-pronged target audience.

The site features a customized page for already enrolled charities, which is accessed by inputting their EIN number. The EIN number is then checked against an API database which filters the charities between an ‘enrolled’ or ‘not enrolled’ status and pulls up customized messaging accordingly.

phone screens displaying ebay for charity website

As eBay for Charity continues to expand into other countries, we were challenged to build a website that will geo-detect users in order to serve the user a version of the website in their native language. We tackled this through custom coding.

With the launch of the new site, eBay for Charity aims to grow their relationship with existing charities enrolled on the platform as well as gain new relationships with those not yet enrolled. Total number of users are up over 80% and the number of page views has increased by more than 50% since the launch.