Compassion International

Building a Walk for Purpose

a line art version of the matchfire logo

The mission of Compassion International is to release children from poverty around the world. They are the world’s leading authority in holistic child development through sponsorship.

The Ask

The objective was to launch a national walk series to raise awareness and funds for Compassion International, as well as provide recommendations for corporate sponsorship opportunities and program growth.

Poster design for compassion international by Matchfire
Brochure Design for compassion international

The Solution

With the objective of personalizing the experience and providing attendees with a memorable environment, we first started with the name of the concept: Step Up.

Closely relating back to Compassion International’s mission, as well as serving as a call to action, we needed to bring this campaign message to life with branding, visual language and a logo.

All branding was brought to life through hundreds of touchpoints including a website with a peer-to-peer fundraising platform, as well as promotional materials, branded print collateral and a mobile-specific experience for the actual day-of-walk.

Step Up brings a hands-on reality of poverty to families around the country. Results showed strong event participation and above average child sponsorship rates.